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Spiderwire Braided Fishing Line 50 Lb Test

The spiderwire stealth blue camo braid 200yds 50lb is a test braided fishing line made with a stealth blue camo pattern. It has a 50lb weight and is meaning to be as small as possible as to not attract attention. This line is good for spiders and other small creatures to macerate without having to go through a usual lineboar. Because of this it is ideal for used in caves, under stones, or anywhere where you need to be safe from predators.

Editorial Pick SpiderWire EZ Braid

SpiderWire EZ Braid

By Spiderwire

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This is a 50 lb test braided fishing line made with spiderwire. It is a stealth pink camo style line and is made to braidfish without being seen. It is new and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
this spiderwire line is a 50-pound test braided line made for fishing in salt water. It is smooth and stealthy looking, with a green moss green color. It is perfect for118-pound tests or for when you want to avoid getting your line caught in theinstructions:
the spiderwire line can be used for fishing in salt water, but be aware that it is slow to pick up salt water fish. It is perfect for fishing in fresh water, or for those who want to avoid getting their line caught in the line of the fishing net.
the spiderwire ultracast ultimate braid fishing line is a 50-lb test braided fishing line made for spiderweb fishing. It is purpose-built to capture and capture webs with ease. With its spaghetti-like braided system, this line makes a great line for spiderwebs and other entanglement situations. The test line is also resistant to wear and tear, making it perfect for use in high-traffic areas.